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"The Boy Who Fell" by flipmontigirl R -- He falls in love four times. - The story deals too easily with the incest issue for my taste but I really like the style and the first three parts.

Dean/Sam - INCEST!

"Fix(ation)" by Drvsilla and "Bioluminescence" by Drvsilla NC 17 --- On the long and weary road, you do what you gotta.

"Incarnations Part 1" by Drvsilla, "Incarnations Part 2" by Drvsilla,"Incarnations Part 3a" by Drvsilla and "Incarnations Part 3b" by Drvsilla NC 17 --- Part of the Fix(ation) Series

"Guardians of a Rare Thing" by esorlehcar R --- The first time, they're in buttfuck Nebraska, chasing some punk kid who thinks he's a warlock.

"The World About to Come" by esorlehcar R --- Companion piece to Guardians of a Rare Thing --- There is no beginning. There is Sam and there is Dean and there is Sam and Dean and there's never been anything else. Only the mechanics change.

"samson went back to bed" by endora_taylor NC 17 -- Sam is driving and John is angry and Dean is bleeding something fierce, but he doesn’t really care.

"The Boy Who Fell" by flipmontigirl R -- He falls in love four times. - The story deals too easily with the incest issue for my taste but I really like the style and the first three parts.

"Incarnations Part Three in the FixationSeries)" by Drvsilla NC 17 -- Sam couldn't reconcile what he'd felt- him and Dean in that windswept bed- to wherever he was now.

"Equinox 1 + 2 Part Four in the FixationSeries)" by Drvsilla NC 17 -- Sam woke to steady, rhythmic movement.

"To Wish Impossible Things 1-16 all parts)" by lea_ndra NC 17 -- "To Wish Impossible Things" is the perfect title to this.

"Breathe" by bloodkisses NC 17 -- Dean flirts with virtually everyone he meets.

"The Party of Almost Was 1/2 and 2/2" by merepersiflage NC 17 -- Sam gets invited to a party.

"Old Ghosts" by Gillian Middleton NC 17 -- Dean frowned, a tug of recognition vying with the sudden pull of attraction. Both were surprising, first, because Dean knew he'd never met this young man before. He would have remembered him if he had. AU

"Be Still" by Maygra NC-17 -- "Don't move, Sam…" Dean angles the blade just slightly more, feeling the strain in his own back and arms, easing back and feeling Sam tremble under him, stomach fluttering as the edge of the blade digs into the soft skin of his belly.

"Old Fears" by Gillian G -- AU, Sequel to "Old Ghosts"; Sam is injured in a car accident - and Dean meets Sam's parents for the first time - in the worst circumstances.

"The Sunless Land, part 5 of 5" by lyra_wing PG-13 -- All 5 Parts, previous parts are linked in the story. High-school AU, in which Sam and Dean don't know each other. But, of course, not everything is what it seems.

"Faith In What's Real" by mooyoo PG-13 -- It hurts almost more than seeing his father collapsed on the hospital room floor did, and the worst part is that he can’t tell Dean that he’s wrong.

"Tijuana" by barkeep NC17 -- Control. Knife kink. Sex.

"Road to Shambala" by astolat NC17 -- Dean stared at it and went for the hotel phone. "I need a steak for this."

"Prey" by ReidMorgan NC17 -- Dean kinda thought he was in control, but he was fooling himself and sex seems out of grasp for him as Sammy slowly drives him sexually insane.

"Two AA Batteries Required" by estrella30 NC17 -- Three hours in the middle of the night is enough "alone time" for Sam.

"Sexysleepysaturday" by eboniorchid NC17 -- Sam and Dean have some sleepy Saturday morning fun.

"Nightshifter coda" by annalazarus R -- Some addition to "Nightshifter".

"Just Peachy" by farleigh NC17 -- Dean is tired, he's tired of being tired, he's confused and angry and Sam is too. When Ash gets a little too friendly with his brother, Sam decides it's time for action.

"(How Long) To The Point Of No Return? " by pez_gurl (Meg) R -- Ever since their brush with that fucking shape shifter, Sam’s felt something, noticed a change in Dean..

"Waiting Games. (Part I.)" and "Waiting Games. (Part 2.)" by nutkin NC17 -- The bad news is that Sam's ability is changing. The worse news is that he's having visions of him and Dean. Doing that.

"Cherry (or, The Things You Learn About A Guy), Part 1" and

"Chocolate (or, The Things You Gotta Do To Get Laid), Part 2" by lyra_wing NC17 -- Sam, Dean, and another tube of lube.

"Really Scary Demon Things" by txtequilanights NC17 -- Dean’s got a secret, a good one.

"Bad Blood" by Shalott NC 17 -- There's a succubus. And Dean tries to have sex with a horse.

"Four times Bobby doesn't say anything...and one time he does." by girlguidejones R -- Dean and Sam from an outside POV

"Family" by James R -- John knows what his sons do..

"Love That’s Gonna Break Me In Two" by britomart-is NC17 -- Dean gets drunk. Sex ensues. Sam is walking a little funny the next day.

"And On the Seventh Day" by Tiana R -- Dean’s made a list of ways to save Sam and he’s not giving up until something works.

"Double Entendre" by Dark Pleasures R -- Dean and Sam discover a hot tub...and in it, discover something else....

"Five Injuries Sam Got While Having Sex with Dean" by abrupte R -- Sometimes things don't exactly go as planned.

"Five Injuries Dean Got While Having Sex with Sam (and One Time Sam Kissed It Better)" by abrupte R -- Sometimes things don't exactly go as planned. -- Dean's turn.

"The Fall Into Victory's Arms" by jewels667 NC17 -- For crying out loud/You know I love you.

"I can't wait to fall in love with you" by traffic-west R -- It happens on a Tuesday, when they're sitting in a laundromat inJersey, pressed tight from shoulder to thigh and talking about nothing.

"Little Black Book" by jeyhawk PG -- At the bottom of Dean's bag, Sam finds a notebook.

"Can't fight this feeling" by ellipsisblack NC-17 -- Sam realizes that REO Speedwagon sings his pain.

"Come on, baby, let me know" by scribblinlenore NC-17 -- They don't just have to pretend to be gay. They have to be the gayest!

"Highway 101" by setissma R -- After she dies, Sam’s okay.

"A Priori" by memphis86 NC-17 -- He wakes up half-blind, not able to remember anything. Then Dean Winchester shows up to complicate things. 4 Parts linked within chapters

"Little Fishi" by memphis86 PG-13 -- Short ficlet wherein Sam fever dreams, and there is a prevalence of fish. Also, Dean's pretty easily manipulated.

"Worth Fifteen of Mine" by tiana R -- The second of May dawned clear and sunny, light streaming in through thin curtains.

"Sheltered by Creed" by stir-of-echoes R -- “They’re your boys John; you can’t possibly expect me to believe that you don’t know, can’t see…”.

"Life as we Know it Part 1" and "Life as we Know it Part 2" by sevenfists R -- “Our boys buy curtains and fall in love.

"Meditor Planto Perficio (Practice Makes Perfect)" by mickeym NC-17 -- Dean knows he's way too old to be wheedling like this, but the thought of sitting home, sitting out another hunt--he's so desperate to get out and do something his skin itches.

"the spirits we drank are now ghosts in the room" by cathybites R -- When Sam sets down the first shot of whiskey, Dean raises an eyebrow, then tilts his head back to grin at him.

"lost invisible here" by Signe NC-17 -- They're not heading anywhere in particular yet. Just away. Away fromWichita Falls and the Hermitic Order of the Golden Dawn.

"Sharing different heartbeats" by alazysod R -- After that, sleep became more than just stealing the blankets, more than tugging the pillow over his ears to deafen the sounds of Sam’s snores and grunts, more than rubbing Sam’s drool off his shoulder in the morning.

"Girl-face" by virginie_m PG-13 -- prompt: I want Sam to give Dean something before he leaves for Stanford…his bracelet, maybe? And I want Dean to wear it forever and for Sam to be pleased when he sees it after they’re reunited.

"Reaffirmation" by virginie_m R -- Maura’s not sure why she did it, any of it. She doesn’t know why she lied the FBI of all people. Doesn't know why she did the research for Dean. Doesn’t know why she’s so damn happy they escaped. But she had read the file, she had talked to the witnesses, and she had stared into the eyes of Dean Winchester. She’s never seen a murderer with eyes that pure.

"Stretched Into Sometime Else" by drvsilla NC-17 -- The world streamed past, gray and white and brown, fall decayed into a winter without the cleansing touch of snow.

"Kings and Queens and Jokers, Too" by astolat NC-17 -- "Yeah, you boys nailed that trickster real good," Bobby said, dry as dust.

"In the Hidden Places" by esorlehcar NC-17 -- It's nearly dusk when he wakes. The light coming through the windshield is filtered and weak, and when he looks out his window, the fields of yellow wildflowers are almost glowing, bluish and inhuman, beautiful.

"Muddle Through Somehow" by laceandgrace R -- The game ended over an hour ago. Now, all they can find by flipping through the limited stations on the old television are ancient Christmas specials that used to scare Sam as a kid and late-night infomercials trying to sell them something.

"Leader of the Pack" by astolat NC-17 -- "Thought Sam shot you," Dean said...

"Five Times Dean Winchester Almost Kissed His Brother" by Lynsey R -- It takes something pretty momentous to make Dean cross that line he drew for himself a long long time ago.

"Make the Yuletide Gay" by nomelon NC-17 -- coda to A Very Supernatural Christmas..

"Everything Changes, Everything Stays the Same" by Merrin NC-17 -- They fall into something they’ve never done before, only to find out it’s better than anything else.

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" by James PG-13 -- Dean wants to give Sam the perfect present.

"All I want for Christmas is You" by Venilia Jones PG-13 -- Sam’s like a kid looking through a Christmas window at the only thing he ever wanted.

"This Ain't No Red-Heart Romance" by HalfshellVenus (NC-17) -- The entire concept of Valentine's Day is loaded. As it happens, so is Dean… NEW

"Mapping the Tides" by HalfshellVenus (R) -- Distanced from Sam by loss and grief, Dean fights the realization that he needs Sam far too much. NEW

"Nolo Contendere" by dreamlittleyo (NC-17) -- Angst-free Antichrist!Sam fic. What happened when the Apocalypse didn't quite go as planned. NEW

"It's Times Like These" by bloodkisses (NC-17) -- Sam stares at him until Dean curls his fingers around his brother's wrist and turns their hands, palms upward. NEW

"Where There's Smoke" by peganix (NC-17) -- Dean doesn't pick up when Bobby calls. He's not sure if Bobby knows what Sam did to get him out of hell, but he's sure as fuck not taking any chances. NEW

"Queer" by annabeth_fics (NC-17) -- Dean Winchester isn't queer, not even a little bit. NEW

"I Wanna Hold You 'Til I Die" by lazy-daze (NC-17) -- Sam chooses to believe Dean's right, at least until that night when Dean first starts acting? well, odd NEW

"Wild Hunt" by veronamay (NC-17) -- The last time he checked, 'Hey, I'm having weird dreams about plants and I kind of want to run into the forest and fuck until my dick falls off, whaddaya say?' is not the best way to get his brother to take him seriously. NEW