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Figure Skating
Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir:
"You're Beautiful, It's True" , "Bend With Me" , "Hold Me Close" and "Hungered For Your Touch" by lannamichaels R -- You can lead a skater to love, but you can't make him leap

Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir: "Kiss and Cry" by cosmorific R -- There are three reasons Evan isn't as happy as he should be about winning the bronze

Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir: "Soaring" by ingrid_m" R -- Flying ... and falling.

Evgeni Plushenko/Johnny Weir: "Playing To Win" by Ashleigh R -- "See you tonight?" he asks casually, brushing one hand over Evgeni's and pulling it back.

Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir, Johnny Weir/Evgeni Plushenko: "Kalinka" by annamichaels PG-13 -- Evan isn't the jealous type. Really.

Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir: "Falling Apart To Half Time" by lannamichaels PG-13 -- Evan checks up on Johnny. 2007 Nationals.

Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir "Before the End" by Tessa Viol NC-17 -- "Seriously," Sasha said. "Just lie back, and I'll take care of everything."

Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir "When It All Goes Wrong Again" by lannamichaels PG-13 -- The relationship is over. Totally, completely over. Right?) 2007 COI.

Evan Lysacek/Ben Agosto "The Denial Twist" by lannamichaels PG-13 -- Ben overhears Tanith and Evan talking.

Yagudin/Plushenko "Faithful" by ep_let PG -- Yagudin reflects. Post-Torino. It could be today.

Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir: "Pop Rocks & Coke" by Lanna Michaels PG-13 -- There should be rules against Johnny getting bored.

Ben Agosto/Michael Phelps, Charlie White/Scott Moir, Evan Lysacek/Tanith Belbin "Surface Tension" by lannamichaels PG 13 - It's not quite dance lessons.

Johnny/Evan "Slipping In Between" by Lucy PG-13 -- It's always you and my big dreams... Evan finds that being in love with Johnny Weir is a hard habit to break.

Johnny/Evan: "Cassiopeia" by swordspoint NC-17 -- They've been fucking for a few months before Evan actually asks. NEW

Formula 1
"Memories of a Ghost" by Valerie PG 13 -- How can it be that he still misses him?

Michael/Mika "Obsession" by Grayscale PG -- Ralf tries to talk Michael out of living in the past.

Michael/Ralf, Ralf/JPM, Michael/Barrichello, "Family Gathering" by bedpotato R -- Ralf hates family reunions.

Michael/Eddie "Duty Free" by Praedo NC 17 -- A chance meeting in the airport's duty free shop leads to a walk down memory lane...

Fernando Alonso/Jarno Trulli "Simulacrum (Part 4 of 5)" by miranda_skye -- Sometimes things are not what they seem. Giancarlo's POV

Fernando/Giancarlo, Heikki "Idolatry" by Chrissy PG-13 -- Set after the Japanese GP. Heikki asks Giancarlo to clarify something for him.

Fernando/Kimi, Fernando/Lewis, Fernando/Ron "Thanks for the Memories" by Sandrine PG 13 - Fernando, after the 2007 Formula One season.

Fernando/Kimi: Untitled by NC-17 -- It is an uneasy sort of truce they have. NEW

Fernando/Kimi "The Ghost in the Machine" by aperfectscar PG-13 -- Fernando sees something that plants a thought that he can't get rid of.

Fernando/Lewis "Found Us in a Picture" by bluebird PG-13 -- "A picture is worth a thousand words" is a proverb that refers to the idea that complex stories can be told with just a single still image, or that an image may be more influential than a substantial amount of text. Wikipedia

Fernando Alonso/Lewis Hamilton "Untitled Drabble" by aperfectscar PG - First meeting after the Fernando/McLaren split.

Fernando Alonso/Lewis Hamilton "Tequila Sunrise" by Bluebird R -- "Tomorrow?" - "All bets are off."

Fernando/Lewis "First Steps" by Sandrine PG - Heikki walks away, and then you're alone with Lewis, who seems inclined to have deep meaningful conversations about feelings as if his two years in Formula 1 haven't taught him that drivers' parades are for small talk and making plans for poker nights and pretending to be interested when other drivers whip out photographs of their kids. NEW

Fernando Alonso/Lewis Hamilton "If I Can't Be Yours" by looking-spiffy PG 13 - They were bound to run into each other eventually. Lewis had just hoped that it wouldn't have been on a day as shitty as this one. NEW

Fernando/Lewis: "Always the Next Dream" by Bluebird R -- "There's always the next dream." Fernando says and knows he doesn't mean it. Malaysia 2007 - Bahrain 2008 NEW

Fernando Alonso/Ron Dennis "Passage of Time" by Bluebird R -- Two seasons, four moments. The passage of time. Future!Fic.

Fernando Alonso/Ron Dennis "You raise me like a bruise" by Bluebird PG-13 -- There's a bruise at Fernando's hip, an ugly mark hidden by his shirt and jeans.

Fernando/Heikki: "Cheer Up" by Bluebird PG-13 -- Kisses, tickle attacks and a race. Australia 2008. NEW

Kimi/Felipe "Warmth" by looking-spiffy PG - A moment alone with the Iceman.

Kimi/Felipe: "set yourself on fire" by quinoline PG -- The first thing that Felipe learnt about Kimi Raikkonen was this: there were only three things in the world that Kimi cared about-- his wife, racing, and his dog. And not necessarily in that order.

Kimi/Lewis, "Close Your Eyes And Take A Leap" by sandrine (PG-13) -- Post Canada 2008. There are worse things than snakes on a plane, whatever Hollywood tells you. Drunk Finns on a plane, for instance. NEW

Lewis Hamilton/Nico Rosberg "What You Want and What You Have" by parka_girl R - "Do you resent me?" NEW

Lewis Hamilton/Nico Rosberg "Never Far From Right" by NC-17 -- He still has that hold on you - the way his presence makes you jump a little, a strange feeling that crawls underneath your skin with the simplest of touches and the shortest of greetings. NEW

Giancarlo Fisichella/ Christian Klien "Lunatic" by quinesale PG 13 -- Christian can't sleep

Nico Rosberg/Heikki Kovalainen: "Fighting Spirit" by enervate NC-17 -- There wasn't a clear-cut winner to the inaugural season of GP2, but Nico found out that perhaps, winning isn't something you do alone.

Juan/Ralf "Despedida" by bedpotato PG-13 -- Ralf pays Juan a last visit. Juan doesn't like it. Set in 2006 after Juan announced he's leaving Formula 1.

Heikki/Franck, Fernando/Lewis "A Ghost in the Apartment" by bluebird PG-13 -- A ghost in the apartment isn't cool. Well, okay, it kind of is.

Jenson/Rubens "Post-Race Routine" by Sandrine PG 13 - Whenever a race goes wrong and the result is more crushing than usually, you wind up with a lapful of morose Jenson Button.

Felipe Massa/Rob Smedley "Nice One, Sunshine" by looking-spiffy PG - Takes place the night of Felipe's first race win in Turkey, 2006. Silly drunken fluff. NEW

Mark/David, Fernando/Ron, Juan/Ralf "Hold the Line" by Sandrine PG - Three phone calls, after the end of the season: of unexpected evolution, devastating ends and new beginnings.

Jenson Button/Various "Falling in Love at 200mph" by Sandrine PG 13 - "Welcome to the madhouse." NEW

Various Pairings "At the beginning after the end" by Sandrine PG 13 - Four snapshot from the Australian Grand Prix 2008. NEW

multiple pairings "Preservation" by miranda_skye -- The other GPDA. Seriously recommended. The characterisation and style is brilliant.

"Odds-On" by esohpe R -- England Captaincy issues. Because even if Terry is at one to two odds, Gerrard's still behind him, still second favourite, and that matters more than Terry wants to admit.

Rooney/C. Ronaldo: "Nemesis" by Lobelia NC-17 -- You're in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and everything has gone even more pear-shaped than it already was.

Zidane/Materazzi: "Provocation" by crowswing R -- It wasn't his shirt Marco had wanted. He was quite sure of that, although he was also sure what that admission, even if only to himself, should cost him.

Zidane/Figo: "Knew" by louis_quatorze PG -- Because they both know just what it feels like.

Ballack/Frings: "Bliss" by lennongirl NC-17 -- It's the night after Germany beat Poland in minute 92. And what a beautiful night it is. And just when you think it's over you realise it is, in fact, just about to begin. Bliss.

Ljungberg/Lehmann: "Mental" by louis_quatorze NC-17 -- The average day.

Brendan Hansen/Ian Crocker
"Wilderness Training for Dummies" by Valerie -- The texas trio in the wilderness.

Michael Phelps/Ian Crocker "A Minor Misunderstanding" by vitawash24 -- Michael just mixes his Ians up.

Michael Phelps/Aaron Peirsol "Unbelievable, or Perhaps Not" by _theo -- This doesn't mean anything.

Eric Shanteau/Michael Phelps "Animus" by Morgan R -- Eric dreams of Michael.

Aaron Peirsol/Lenny Krayzelburg "Seduction " by ferrret NC 17 -- Aaron always gets what he wants. There's not much Lenny can do about it.

Ian Thorpe/Pieter van den Hoogeband "The Art Of Surfacing" by fly_meaway PG 13 -- Pieter thought this was what he wanted and that he could handle this.

Ian Thorpe/Pieter van den Hoogeband "the greek song" by days_like_this PG -- Athens certainly did something to you.

Ian Thorpe/Pieter van den Hoogeband "The foundations of kindness" by lattara R -- Ian is willing to admit he has problems. He just doesn’t see what this has to do with it.

Ben Agosto/Michael Phelps, Charlie White/Scott Moir, Evan Lysacek/Tanith Belbin "Surface Tension" by lannamichaels PG 13 - It's not quite dance lessons.

Lleyton Hewitt/Tim Henman
"Honor" by Sarah PG -- He knows what it's like because he's been there before.

marat safin/tomas berdych "volcano has erupted" by tourofduty PG - they finally know what it's like. NEW

marat safin/tomas berdych "The beginning of a beginning" by tourofduty R - Marat really doesn't know anything. NEW