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"Vogue" (Madonna) by Luminosity Ensemble -- Strike a pose.

"This Girl Is Taking Bets" (Thea Gilmore) by Killa Sydney -- Sydney is many things.

"Beautiful" (JoyDrop) by catatonic schizophrenia Faith -- Faith isn't like Buffy but does she need to be?

"No More Good Guys" (Skindive) by starsouls1013 Faith

"We are the champions" (Queen) by Aimee ensemble

"More Human Than Human" (White Zombie) by Luminosity Cylons

"I already met you" (Superfine) by drgnfille Cylons

"Electric" (Oasis) by starlaces Cylons

"Walk the Walk" (Poe) by sabaceanbabe Boomer-Six-Sharon

"Stronger" (Sugababes) by coombs Ensemble

"When It's Cold I'd Like to Die" (Moby) by ancarett Ensemble

"Lay me to sleep" (AFI) by Dayln03 - Boomer, Athena - Character Study NEW

"Wings Of Steel" (Collide) by Lithium Doll ensemble -- There is light in the darkness. Wonderful editing

Dark Angel
"Beautiful" (JoyDrop) by Enigma Alec -- Alec lives in the shadow of his twin but that doesn't mean he isn't beautiful. The clip quality isn't the best but the scenes are put togeher very well.

"The Reason" (Hoobastank) by Peacedove Preston -- This video shows all the people and things that influenced Preston to rebel against the only way of life he had ever known and fight the system he had once sworn to protect. A lot of angst and soul searching!

"Until it sleeps" (Metallica) by Lithiumdoll Chrichton -- Dark and angry

"We're all made of stars" (Moby) by nicole_anell ensemble

"Working Class Hero" (Green Day) by bradcpu Ensemble - "If you want to be a hero well just follow me."

"This Is War" (Smile Empty Soul) by Lithiumdoll James, Alec -- Their friendship broke apart and fighting each other is all what is left

Harry Potter
"Snakes on a Plane" (Cobra Starship) by dualbunny Harry, Voldemort - Harry has *had* it with the motherfuckin' snakes on his motherfuckin' plane broom!

"Pure Shores" (All Saints) by J-Dos ensemble

"Man in Motion" (John Parr) by renenet Neo - This vid is just so very awesome. Perfect choice of scenes, wonderful editing.

Pirates of the Caribbean
"Hallelujah" (Rufus Wainwright) by mimesere Norrington -- The clip that got me into music vids in the first place. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Stargate: Atlantis
"Maybe sprout wings" (The Mountain Goats) by harriet-spy John -- What John finds on the other side.

"Eric's Trip" (Sonic Youth) by mayatawi Sheppard ,McKay -- Rodney and John and misadventures in the Pegasus Galaxy.

"Stand in the rain" (Superchick) by obfreak Elizabeth Weir - A Leader must stand up against anything that comes at them, even when everthing is falling down around them.

"House, M.D. theme song" (Massive Attack) by S.K.Roberts -- Stargate Atlantis opening credits, House Style NEW

"Women's Work" (Hole) by Luminosity and sisabet Ensemble - When they get what they want, they never want it again - Women on SPN.

"Born to Lead" (Hoobastank) by gadabout_belle Magneto,Prof.Xavier,Pyro,Iceman

Cross Over
SG-1, Supernatural, Farscape, Firefly
"Boulevard of Broken Songs Dance Remix" (Dean Gray) by barkley and destina - They are very hot men who walk alone. Feel the angsty man pain. Dance, angsty man pain people, dance!

Multi Fandom "Uncommercial Song" (Oysterband) by Lithiumdoll - We love our cancelled shows. NEW