Slash vid recs

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"Behind Blue Eyes" (The Who) by Shallot Giles/Ethan

"Closer" (NIN) by Sisabet Angel/Spike

"Someday" (Nickelback) by wolfling Angel/Wesley -- Their changing relationship. It hurts.

"Come Together" (Spiralmouth) by Laura Shapiro Scorpius/Chrichton -- Creepy.

"Poison" (Alice Cooper) by AnduraNova Scorpius/Chrichton -- The lyrics just fit to the scenes wonderfully.

The Fast & the furious
"Hanging By A Moment" (Lifehouse) by Pixie Smith Dom/Brian

"My Happy Ending" (Avril Lavigne) by tallulah71 Maximus/Commodus

"Disease" (Matchbox20) by wistful_fever Don/Charlie - INCEST -- Charlie just wants to be let go.

"Lost Art " (Queens Of The Stone Age) by wistful_fever Don/Charlie - INCEST -- Don has some advice for Charlie.

"Save the last dance for me" (Michael Bublé) by Rhysenn Don/Charlie - INCEST -- A light-hearted take on Don/Charlie and the other men in their lives.

"Such Great Heights" (The Postal Service) by kaiyote Peter/Nathan - I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned. Peter's POV on the relationship between himself and Nathan.

"Brigther than sunshine" (Aqualung) by spalonieve Jack/Locke - didn't have the strength to fight/suddenly you seemed so right

"The Chemicals Between Us" (Bush) by Euphony Beecher/Keller

Pirates of the Caribbean
"Possession" (Sarah McLachlan) by jenavira Norrinton/Sparrow

Stargate Atlantis
"Wild" (Poe) by Martouf Marty Sheppard/Mckay

"Code Monkey" (Jonathan Coulton) by verdorbene_nixe & mousewrites McKay/Zelenka

"Everybody Knows" (The Divine Comedy) by spacedmonkey McKay/Sheppard -- Everybody knows that I love you, except you. (This is brilliant! No fancy effects, but one of the most poignant, well-made fanvids I've ever seen.)

"I Think We're Alone Now" (Tiffany) by spacedmonkey Sheppard/McKay

"I Will Carry You" (Clay Aiken) by Pixie Smith Sheppard/McKay

"Grace Kelly" (Mika) by Diana William Sheppard/McKay -- I could be anything you like

"Men of Devotion" (Fools Garden) by chayiana Mckay/Sheppard - This? Is the definition of cute. And dorky. Heeeeh.

"Black Fingernails, Red Wine by" (Eskimo Joe) by obfreak Mckay/Sheppard - The two have faced many dark times in the Pegasus Galaxy. A lot of action and a lot of heartache too.

"Crush" (Jenifer Paige) by hermine Mckay/Sheppard - The problem with crushes is that they can become so much more and even worth a dishonorable discharge.

Star Trek
"Closer" (NIN) by t. jonsey & killa Kirk/Spock -- What if they hadn't made it to Vulcan in time...

"SOS" (Rhianna) by killabeez Sam/Dean -- INCEST -- It's not healthy.

"Accidentally in Love" (Counting Crows) by Fahrbot Jack/Ianto -- Ianto has fallen for Jack, despite the fact he hates him...

"And So It Goes" (Billy Joel) by Katherine S. Jack/Ianto -- Just a little piece of angst-tastic Jack/Ianto glory.

Veronica Mars
"The Fallen (Remix)" (Justice<) by elektra_1000cia Logan/Weevil

"Every Me Every You" (Placebo) by charmax Logan/Weevil - This video has some slashy elements but it's mostly about the comparisons in Weevil's and Logan's lives. Logan is rich and Weevil is poor but when it comes to family and friends Weevil is the one that is wealthy.

"Sorry" (Nerf Herder) by Elena Mulder/Krycek -- My new all-time favorite song vid. The song choice is perfect, and the editing a true masterpiece.

"So Much Better" (Three Days Grace) by LadyofTear John/Bobby - They're pretending to hate each other.

Cross Over
"Interrupted" (Hans Zimmer) by suzvoy The 4400 / SGA, Tom/John -- Constructed reality. Life isn't always what it seems.