Veronica Mars het fic recs

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"this town is going down" by Jane R -- This is what happens when you have no regrets.

"Obsession" by Bellsie R -- He’s obsessed with her.

"Washed in blood" by monimala NC 17 -- This is the Way They Are, not the Way They Were. - I don't really like the alternative ending, but I love the real one.

"be all my sins remember'd" by monimala R -- He'd practiced non-expressions in the mirror for occasions like this.

"Any Of Our Current Animosity" by sadiekate "A Different Kind Of History" by sadiekate "Putting It Out There" by sadiekate "In Case You Missed The Subtext" by sadiekate PG 13 -- Lamb and Veronica. Veronica and Lamb. They snark, they fight, they maybe flirt a little. Logan who?

"Caught Out There" by lila "Figured You Out" by lila and "Desperately Wanting" by lila NC 17 -- You don't feel like the girl you used to be. You don't feel like the girl you're supposed to be either. You just feel free.

"Poseidon Adventure" and NC-17 -- Veronica Mars comes to Lamb to seek help with an investigation, and all the hell breaks loose.

"this kind of stagnation" by Captain R -- Future!Fic. When Veronica comes home she sees Lamb again.

"lambs to the slaughter" by monimala PG-13 -- He hadn't fantasized about the two things quite like this Handcuffs? Yes. Dusty warehouse floor? No.

"Polished Smooth, And Beauty Out Of Broken Things" by sadiekate PG-13 -- There’s a figure on his front porch, and Duncan knows before he can fully parse the shape of the shadow that the past has finally caught up. He’s known for years that this day would come.

"Confidence" You're Full of Shit" by sinaddict NC-17 -- None of that psychobabble bullshit about victims applies to Veronica Mars.

"Sporting Chance" by monimala -- "Still picking winners, huh, Veronica?" Post 2.17, "Plan B."

"This Is How We Fall Apart" by Rachel R -- No one wants to be alone, especially when the world is falling apart around them

"Smoke 'Em if You Gotham" by monimala R -- Of all the disguises Veronica had donned in her budding career as a sleuth, "Batgirl the hooker" was a whole new level of suck. Pun intended.

"Hide and Seek" by monimala R -- "But I'm sure these boys know that you just want to frisk me."

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" by amidalashari R - A montage of scenes from a life that Don Lamb never lived.

"Slippery When Wet" by Mala R -- She'd somehow skipped from 40 days of rain and the ark to the ten plagues of Egypt, with Lamb being #11.

"The Only Thing That Works For Me" by monimala NC-17 -- She only ever said "please" in bed with him. NEW

"this town is going down" by Jane R -- This is what happens when you have no regrets.

Keith/Kendall "Dangerous Games" by boy_named_susie NC 17 -- Goes AU after VM 2.19 Nevermind the Buttocks. Kendall Wants her hard drive back and will do anything to get it.