Veronica Mars slash fic recs

Lamb/Keith  Logan/Weevil 

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"Confidence" You're Full of Shit" by sinaddict NC-17 -- None of that psychobabble bullshit about victims applies to Veronica Mars.

"Scars and Ink" by Shealynn88 NC-17 -- When Logan confronts Weevil about Lilly, the one-upsmanship gets a little out of hand.

"Not Real" by litzie NC-17 -- "I need this to just not be real," he says.

"Some Place Like the Caribbean" by litzie R -- Spoilers for 2x12, Wallace and Rachard Go to White Castle. With a slightly different ending.

"Gamble" by Zeelee PG-13 -- Weevil figured that there were three possibilities: 1 He was completely queer and he should just accept it, 2 He was only queer when he was really fucking smashed, or 3 he was only queer for Logan Echolls.

"First Time for Everything" by blankversesfic PG-13 -- Somebody, somewhere had once told Weevil that the opposite of love wasn't hatred, it was indifference. That love and hate were a lot closer together than most people would find strictly comforting. Than he, Eli Navarro, strictly found comforting, given that he hated Logan Echolls more than life itself and that implied all kinds of scary things that he refused to think about.

"Poetic Justice" by Kylie Lee NC-17 -- Weevil takes Logan for a ride.

"Limp" by Nicola NC-17 -- Make it hurt.

"Proxy" by SilentSiren47 NC-17 -- There is always someone else involved, even when they're alone.

"A Slow, Smooth Burn Going Down" by sadiekate NC-17 -- Logan's learned it's better just to stick with the status quo when the future is uncertain.

"So Much in Common" by Shealynn88 R -- Weevil realizes that he and Logan have a whole lot in common.

Lately ["Part 1" | "Part 2" | "Part 3" | "Part 4"] by Cassyl NC-17 -- Logan hasn't thought of Eli Navarro lately at all, but when he returns to Neptune, he's surprised to find he just can't get Weevil off his mind.

Almost Famous by Amy NC-17 -- It's like with Lilly, in a way.