Dr. Who het fic recs


Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"At Last" by Tara LJC O'Shea PG -- At first, all Rose could see was what wasn't there.

"I Sustain the Wings" by Doyle G -- She wondered if he was scared to give her the chance to catch her breath.

"Jiggery Pokery" by GylzGirl PG -- Nine/Rose-ness, fix-it fic, Jack.

"The Difference Is In Those Little Details" by nekare PG-13 -- Post 'Doomsday', Rose tries to get on with her life.

"Find the Map and Draw a Straight Line" by Jane R -- Life when it's not through a looking glass.

"Petals" by svilleficrecs NC-17 -- The Doctor and Rose in Amsterdam. Written for the Doctor Who Kink Ficathon. Rose/Ten

"Novelty" by marylane23 PG 13 -- Rose adjusts to a New, New Doctor. Rose/Ten

"Ashes of Survival" by Camilla Sandman PG 13 -- There might be hurt, but there was life, too.

"The Life Fantastic" by honorh PG 13 -- Sheís back in his arms, and he is in love. Thereís no use denying it anymore. Itís the strangest, silliest thing in the universe, but at the moment, itís the only thing that makes sense. Heís in love with Rose Tyler.

"Deshabille" by sangga PG -- Her mum always told her to dress for the occasion. It just takes Rose a while to figure out what the occasion is.

"Like Riding a Bike" by Camilla Sandman PG 13 -- When Rose Tyler was twelve, she rode her bicycle and fell off.

"Bohemian Rose" by Raven PG -- "I think you do," Rose said before she could stop herself. "You do understand, don't you?" (Rose/OFC)

"East of the Sun & West of the Moon" by ariafic R - Rose Tyler, after the end. Spoilers for 4x13 Journey's End.NEW

"Something New" by monimala PG - Rose comes full circle, sort of. Spoilers for 4x13 Journey's End. NEW