Without a trace slash fic recs

Danny/Martin  Jack/Martin 

Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"The Midnight Hours" by Caroline Crane PG -- New Year's Eve in the recovery room.

"Gefühle offenbart" by Nadia -- post 'Friendly Skies'. Er, yes, this is in German. But if you understand the language, you should give it a try. It's such a lovely story

"A River Bends" by Neko NC 17 -- A wonderful, long series about the boys' relationship and the up and downs it undergoes when things get rough

"Exposure" by Neko NC 17 -- Arguments give way to revelation.

"Echoes of Base" by Neko NC 17 -- Not what you're supposed to do when you're on duty...

"Coming Home" by Neko PG 13 -- Three years is a long time.

"Pumpkins" by matchsticks_p G -- Danny and Martin talk about pumpkins.

"His Judgment Cometh" by dancingongraves R -- Inspired by the challenge from nekosmuse to write post-apocalyptic fic.

"Three-hundred and sixty-five days" by Neko PG 13 -- Time changes everything.

"Enough" by minnow1212 PG 13 -- There's nothing at all, except this.

"One Night" by Nicola PG 13 -- It's not like Danny fucks everyone who passes through their office.

"Courtship of the Papermen" by Neko NC 17 -- In his mind, he's watched Danny die a thousand times.

"Twenty-Four Hours" by Neko PG 13 -- He couldn't remember the last time breathing felt more like celebration and less like living.

"Day One" by Cori Lannam G -- Danny believes in giving Martin fair warning. A very small vignette set at some point between "The Boogie Man" and "Off the Tracks."

"Cena Para Dos" by Veronica PG 13 -- Everybody needs a little comfort now and then.

"Like Swimming" by aesc36 NC 17 -- It's like swimming. Or drowning. Post-ep for "Endgame."

"Ghosts Upon The Dawn" by Mardia PG 13 -- All the ways it could have gone, and the way it actually turned out.

"Nowhere Else" by Mardia PG 13 -- 'kick at the darkness 'till it bleeds daylight...' Danny and his issues. Set after Endgame.

"Glass Houses" by Neko R -- She's doing well today.

"Close to Home" by mcat PG-13 -- Post-'Suspect'. Things hit a bit close to home for Martin.

"Fall On Me" by Veronica PG-13 -- Danny finds out that running away has never solved anyone's problems.

"Five ways that Sam found out about Danny and Martin" by mardia PG-13

"Highways and Bridges" by Sage PG-13 -- 36 hours in the search for a missing girl.

"Underline" by Nicola -- A Jack/Martin post-ep for 'Suspect'.