X-Men slash fic recs (Comic & Movie)

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"The Scientist" by Ash PG -- "Let's go back to the start."

"Desire" by abaddon NC 17 -- Sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be touched.

"Sidelines" by Shelly R -- He wasn't sure which sideline he hated more

"Expectations and Mercy" by Ash R -- Bobby expects he'll run into his old friend one day.

"Hidden Flame" by Rhysenn R -- "Let me follow you," he said.

"Mind & Matter" by Zahra PG 13 -- Post-movie snippets, as Bobby is alone

"Home" by Rihani NC 17 -- Home can be hard to come by

"There Goes the Fear" by zahra -- Johnny was Bobby’s first

"Chele Kodesh" by illiterate PG-13 -- “Even when we are the worst of enemies, we remain the closest of friends.”

"Option E" by lassiter PG 13 -- John was pretty sure Bobby just said something about love. The phrase 'too much to drink' came to mind.

"The Iceman Cometh: A Pyromaniac's Love Story" by zahra PG 13 -- Words didn't necessarily convey everything. Sometimes actions were better.

"Cure for the Birthday Blues" by Serial Karma PG 13 -- Flowers. It's...nice? But mostly weird. - John and Bobby and a birthday.

"Enemy Lines" by dirty diana PG 13 -- "I thought you weren't coming," he admits later, at the motel."Then you're an idiot," John answers, and drops the subject. - John and Bobby after Alkali Lake. Painful and sad

"In Reverse" by laytoncolt and "Drive" by laytoncolt R -- John was always seeing how far he could push them until they stopped pulling him back. Post X3

"High Fever" by Salmon Pink NC-17 -- Screaming, and panic, and Bobby, and John is in control.

"Blue And Yellow" by spurnd PG-13 -- John considers the many possibilities of wanting to stay.

"Mind & Matter" by hackthis R -- They meet in bed. That’s where it starts. Post X2

"Ice Sculpture" by green_queen PG 13 -- Bobby tries to fill the hole. Post X2

"The Fundamental Difference of Experience" by Kuria Dalmatia NC 17 -- Two mutant teenagers, high school politics, accidents, incidents and love. AU.

"Winter in June" laytoncolt R -- Heroes are clueless, and not everyone wants to be saved. Post X2

"The Drafts" by laytoncolt R -- There are a lot of things John never said.

"The Grayest Pile" by SullenSiren R -- "John counted that a victory - another mark in the column of things that were just his. No one could make Bobby mad like he could." John drifts further from Bobby and counts what he still can call his, until he realizes there's nothing left.

"Ten Steps Closer to Hell" by laytoncolt and "Halfway There" by laytoncolt R -- Because caring isn't supposed to hurt, and pain was never meant to be pretty. Post X3

"Corner of Mason and Cross" by laytoncolt R -- "I'm not a hero," Bobby says. "I couldn't even save you." "Don't beat yourself up about it," John tells him. "It's not like I ever had any intention of playing your damsel in distress." Post X2

"Heroes and Villains (Return to Sender)" by shadowpoet89 R -- Bobby thinks that's why afterwards, when everything is all over, he decides to write to John in prison.

"Judas Kiss" by laytoncolt R -- When John left it was how how how; how will he live with himself, how dare he, how could he. It was never why.

"Dashboard" by talk-back PG 13 - oh it should've been (could've been) worse than you would ever know.

"Courtship Rituals" by Ximeria R -- Remy knows better than to fall for a team-mate. Really, he does.

"Almost Violent" by tweezle NC-17 -- Grocery shopping leads to sex. Who knew?

"Home" by Rihani NC 17 -- Home can be hard to come by

"Untitled" by nuttynutgirl R -- He feels betrayed, in some deep way that he can't even understand, let alone express.

"The Art of Grieving" by Redd PG 13 -- Sometimes it's easier to just let go. To just forget. To pretend.

"Maybe" by Brenda Antrim R -- Maybe she made her choice. Maybe they were all they had left.

Easy and More by dirty diana X NC-17 -- Anger and grief and pain and lust in the aftermath of Jean's death.

"The One-Eyed Man is King" by Mala PG -- Scott had always been able to reach out and find Jean in the red-tinted darkness.

Comfort and Absence by BrendaPG -- Explores the relationship between Logan and Scott in the wake of Jean's death.

"Just For The Now" by skripka NC 17 -- Scott glowers. Logan smirks. "What's the matter, not getting enough ass?"

"Help", "Reflex" and "Nightmare" by Lucy -- Life is messy and it hurts sometimes, but it's worth it. She knew that. She also knew that sometimes you have to ask for help.

"Take One for the Team" by Sionnain NC-17 -- Scott's had it with Logan, and decides it's time for a confrontation. Logan agrees.

"A Thousand Words" [ Part 1 | Part 2 ] by Vera PG-13 -- A picture is worth a thousand words.

"blood and adamantium " By jamaillith --"Make me again"

"The Backbone" by Ash R -- The weight of the everything lies on one pair of scaly shoulders.

"Chele Kodesh" by illiterate PG-13 -- “Even when we are the worst of enemies, we remain the closest of friends.”

"Rehabilitation" by anneline R -- John needs Magneto. Post X3

"Going Down," by shalott R -- Xavier/Magneto with a twist.-

"Chele Kodesh" by illiterate PG-13 -- “Even when we are the worst of enemies, we remain the closest of friends.”

"Golden" by Andraste. PG -- A phone call shortly before the first movie.

"Forgiveness" by O NC 17 -- Warren and Remy finally have it out after Antarctica.

"Hidden Flame" by Rhysenn R -- "Let me follow you," he said.