X-Files slash fic recs

Mulder/Krycek Krycek/Skinner 

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"The Animal I Wanted" by Ladyluck NC 17 -- The animal I wanted Couldn't get into the world

"Echo Lane" by Louise Wu NC 17 -- Mulder discovers his life could have been very different.

"The End of the Cold War." by Kadru -- A bitter-sweet closure for the boys, in a world where Existence obviously didn't happen.

"The Grey Havens" by Cody Nelson G -- A late night telephone conversation.

"Curtains" by Sylvia -- Krycek buys curtains. And stuff happens. OOC but incredibly funny

"Hard As Hell" by torch NC 17 -- Krycek has to decide how far he's willing to go in order to be a successful double, or is it triple, agent.

"One Night In Bangkok" by Grimilkin NC 17 -- One night in Bangkok and Mulder gets drunk, Krycek dances with a girl with blue hair, Stoli is used as a cold compress, envelopes are distributed, incriminating photographs are revealed, and Mulder's life is changed forever.

" And Pull Us Through" by Flutesong NC 17 -- It's not quite the post-season nine story I was waiting for, but it's close enough, dealing with Mulder and Krycek's tentative steps towards each other in a post-war world. Wonderfully written, too.

"Chemical Agents" By Ratadder and Queen Mab -- "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."

"Mad Dogs" by Ladonna King -- AU - It was official. He was toast.

"Semblance" By Viridian5 -- The game hasnít changed, but Mulder and Krycek have....

"We Can Build a Snowman" by Teand NC 17 -- Mulder is once again pursuing Krycek with all the finesse and common sense we've come to expect from an agent of the FBI. In other words, no one should be too surprised when the avalanche shows up.

"In Nothing We Trust" by Destina Fortunato PG-13 -- Krycek faces the truth of what he sees. Contains spoilers for "Requiem".

"Shades of Gray" by Ladyluck R -- It means nothing.

"It's Probably Me" by David S. (NC-17) -- "You're not going to...kiss me again, are you?" I finally say, breaking the silence. "You've got a one track mind, Mulder," he says, getting off me.

"Descent" by JiM NC 17 -- When you think you have nothing left to live for, how do you fill your time?

"Straightforward" by Ratadder NC 17 -- The games boys play...